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Cornish College of the Arts

Seattle, WA  September, 2006 – May, 2010


Double major in painting and print making


Professional Experience:

Panther Creek Cellars

Mural Artist for a large scale map of Washington and Oregon on the wall.

Mural Artist and painter for large scale logo on the wall

June, 2018


Pomum Cellars

Label Artist and Designer

Artist and designed for the "Idilico" wines.

June, 2018

Betz Family Winery

Position: Artistic consultant, Label Artist, and Hospitality

Label artist for the "Possibility" red blend

June, 2015

Label artist for the Destin Wine Auction (private collection)

June, 2018


Label Artist for the "Poppi" vermouth

June, 2015

Now available; the Poppi vermouth, sweet vermouth, and dry vermouth made and produced by Distefano, featuring

three of my prints.

Mind Unwind

Position: Artistic Instructor 


The Antipodes Collective

Position: Illustrator for the page "Fire" in the children's book "In My Village"


Mark Ryan Winery

Position: Artistic consultant and Hospitality

Label artist for the "NumbSkull" wines.

June, 2014

Winner of Seattle Magazines "Coolest Wine Labe 2016" 

Aug, 2016

Now available; the NumbSkull GSM and BDX, wines made and produced by Mark Ryan Winery, featuring my flame art work entitled "Skull".

June 20, 2014

Mary Alice Cooley Print Collection:

Several of my prints have been contributed to the Mary Alice Cooley Print Collection which showcases work done by Cornish Students for the last fifteen years.

The Peep Show:

Position: Co curator

Nov, 2011

Presentations at the Seattle Art Museum:

Art History II 2008

Modern Art History 2009

History of Design 2009

Contemporary Art History 2010

Public student presentations on works shown at the Seattle Art Museum.

Color Theory class at the Fry Art Museum:

Position: Assistant to artist Betty Merken

June, 2009

Assisting Mrs. Merken while she taught a color theory class to a group at the Fry Art Museum. My duties where to set up stations, answer questions, clean, and help tutor those in need of assistance.

Nutcracker March:

Position: Artist

Oct, 2005 – December, 2005

The Nutcracker March was a public art project which show 60 large nutcracker sculptures each painted and decorated individually by a local artist in the Seattle area. I was chosen and sponsored by the Seattle Seahawks to paint a nutcracker for the project.


Solo shows:

The Parliament Tavern

West Seattle Art Walk month of Feb, 2016

"Up In Smoke" 

Mind Unwind in West Seattle, month of Oct, 2013

The Sweet Spot in Freemont,  month of Jan, 2014

Locol Bar & Wine, month of Feb

Coworking in West Seattle, Mar-May, 2014

Pepper Bridge and Amavi Tasting Room

July – September, 2012

Locol Barley &Wine

Feb, 2012 West Seattle, WA

Vin Ella wine shop

Woodinville, WA 2007


Lion’s Den Coffee shop

Bothell, WA 2006

Group shows:

“The Peep Show” Nov 12th, 2011

A show dedicated to the burlesque and perverse.


“Hot One Inch Action” Nov, 5th, 2011

A traveling show of buttons designed by 50 different artists

“The Piranha Shop Parlor Show” Sept 23rd, 2011

A show commemorating the opening of the Piranha Shop. All work was piranha themed.

“It’s Just Pretty” May 5th 2011

A show dedicated to artwork that stems from the artist initial inspirations’ while being unclouded by heavy concept.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center May, 2010 – May, 2011

A yearlong exhibition showing certain works created by the graduation class of the Cornish art department.

Café Ladro Art fair Nov, 2009

Roll Call

Feb, 2008

Feb, 2009

A group show for Cornish art and design students in each grade level.




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